Meet Iona

Hi!  I’m Iona Findley.  Welcome to my story.  I’m a writer and an explorer.  Here are some things we might have in common:

  • Nerd girl techie, turned creative novelist
  • Youth soccer star, turned Central Texas hill walker
  • Seasoned Girl Scout adventurer, turned serial world traveler
  • Eldest of six siblings, turned World’s Greatest Auntie

I am a romantic.  I write books about love.  The kind that leave you warm and hopeful and happy.   The kind that are a little steamy and a lot adventurous.  The kind about characters you want to cheer for and follow as they make their own the path to love.

I'd love to hear from you!

Questions about upcoming books?  Ideas for future stories?  Just want to say Hi?  Send me a note 🙂


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